Aims of the conference

The principal aim of the conference is the presentation and the discussion of recent research on Late Roman coarse wares, cooking wares and amphorae from the period covering the 4th to 7th century AD according to the general theme, Land and sea: pottery routes. In fact the development of research on the pottery evidence has identified historical paths that are similar, if not, in some cases, common to the various different regions of the ancient Mediterranean world from the West to the East.
The conference, from 24th to 27th May 2017, will be composed of five sessions following the themes so defined:

  1. Archaeology and economic history
  2. Production centres and workshops of the Mediterranean
  3. Regional contexts: Sicily and Mediterranean islands
  4. Regional contexts: Western Mediterranean
  5. Regional contexts: Eastern Mediterranean

Contributions based on an integrated archaeological and archaeometrical approach are strongly encouraged.
Every session will be introduced by a 30-minutes-long paper presented by a guest speaker and followed by oral presentations. There will be a poster session and a workshop displaying pottery from late roman contexts of Agrigento. A visit of the Valley of the Temples will be also proposed.
On Sunday 28th May there will be an opportunity for a post-congress excursion to Villa del Casale near Piazza Armerina (Enna).